About Andy

Andy McDonald is a premier residential designer, whose elegant, award-winning work is changing the landscape of upscale neighborhoods throughout the South and beyond.  His distinctive home designs, which result from his scrupulous regard for scale, balance and historical detailing, have earned him a national following and have made him a rapidly rising force in the home design industry. McDonald’s sought-after classic designs are architectural gems with an unmistakable ambiance. A native of Baton Rouge, Andy is a former builder, whose designs are grounded in his experience. He is a past member and state officer of the American Institute of Building Design. Andy was influenced in his youth by the architectural heritage of New Orleans and South Louisiana and spends much of his leisure time in search of significant architectural examples.

His affinity for classic architecture was strongly renewed as he traveled through Europe. Of particular appeal to McDonald are the classic designs of Old World France, Spain and England. He is also captivated by the West Indies and Caribbean influences, so evident in the architecture of South Louisiana. He has received national and local recognition, including numerous annual awards for the Baton Rouge Growth Coalition. His designs were praised in national design contests through the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD) and have won multiple awards. Of interest in this age of technology, when most design firms use computer-assisted drawing. Andy has embraced the dying art of hand drawing his designs.He has surrounded himself with dedicated staff of artistic, like-minded craftsmen who eschew the use of computers in their work. They would not be satisfied with the harsh-looking images that often camouflage poor proportions and rueful designs. Instead, they cherish the ingeniousness of the human hand in coordination with the creative eye.​